BREAKING NEWS! Cecily Sprout found alive and kicking in Sainsbury's bag of carrots!

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posted at 12.10.10
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A fantasti-bubbly-crumbo well done to Krazy Klubber Ciara from Nottingham. Ciara and family heroically rescued this poor innocent carrot from a bag of Sainsbury's carrots when they spotted that it looked a lot like Cecily Sprout - Tomato's carrot-doll in MY BROTHER'S FAMOUS BOTTOM GOES CAMPING!

Tomato and Cecily Spout have now been reunited and are free to live happily ever after. Well done also to Ciara's little brother, Joseph, who made Cecily Sprout a brand new skirt!

Have you ever spotted Batpants or Streaker, or even Doctor Bonkers? Post a comment and let us know!


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  • (huge laff)

    posted by roslinda
  • Very funny! lol! posted by dalekvskrazykow
  • WoW Imagiation looks like its requied ! posted by Katie
  • coolbeans :) posted by Erica
  • ? and lol posted by john lye
  • its AMEZING!!
    posted by Milen@
  • It looks crazy, and makes me laugh! posted by Frankie McHale
  • WEEIRD!!!!! BUT COOL!!! posted by Sophie
  • sooooo love jermery books dazzy donut dog to the rescue posted by dazzydog
  • cool posted by sam Roberts
  • that is SO funny
    i like the skirt!
    posted by Immie
  • Funny LOL!!! posted by Vibhusha
  • wow posted by hamza
  • Hey Jeremy!
    Guys, guess what! THAT WAS ME! I'm oh-so-slightly FAMOUS! I'm so glad Cecily is OK, and she's even got her little skirt still! I wonder how she got into a bag of Sainsbury's carrots?? OH NO! The dark truth dawns... Cecily Sprout was kidnapped! Thank goodness I rescued her and sent her back to her home. Thanks for the card and things, we really appreciated them! Give Cecily my love, from ciara
    posted by Ciara Moran
  • awesome
    posted by shobu
  • that was so hillarious lol the skirt looks cool on cecily
    posted by nadra
  • nice skirt cecily!!!!!! posted by maisie
  • TE HE HE !! NICE SKIRT!! posted by Paige
  • cool posted by jamie
  • haha very funny. :-D jeremy strong's cool. posted by Andrew Rolls
  • lol love the skirt!!! :-p
    posted by ali
  • Coolio !!!!!!!!!! posted by Ella
  • Ha Ha Ha!!! I LOVE your books, they are sooooooo funny!!! posted by Pingo333
  • Hey! =) I'm called Clara too! =) Cecily sprout really exists? What a surprise! I'm going to tell my mum and dad! =) They're your fans too!!! =) posted by Clara
  • Thats CLASS FABULOUS!!! posted by Orla
  • lol who wrote the letter? x posted by danielle
  • Whoa LOL.

    Ciara! Ciara!

    Ciara U R cool
    posted by sllor werdna
  • awsome lol :):):);) posted by niamh
  • awsome lol:) posted by niamh
  • love the skirt: ) posted by sophie123
  • I love the book 'My brother's famous bottom goes camping'! Ecspecially 'cheese and tomatoe'! Well Done Jremy Strong!!! posted by maddyboo08
  • I love all you books Jeremy!!! posted by maddyboo08
  • cool! it's so wierd and cecily ish,great idea for a skirt too. i would never have enough imagination to realize,you must have lots Ciara! posted by ella
  • hillarous posted by beth
  • who would kidnap cecily? oh i know!!-my sister sophie LLLUUURRRVVVEEESSS carrots. (i am not saying you should sing "cecily and sophie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" i am saying she is famous for murdering carrots! uh oh!) posted by sllor werdna
  • Uh oh the famous murdering carrots are here to murder the cecily by the way Jeremy were did you get the cecily and,I also like carrots.Jeremy do you like carrots?By the way Jeremy whats sllor werdna going on about kissing cecily and sophie.By the way my Dad likes x mas pudding and toffee source with it my Grandad likes it to and I, know its yuk why is it not choc cake.Oh and I forget your going to write cartoon kid cant wait to get it.Do you like your books?By the way are you going to write other books like aliens invade moo mars are any thing like that. well my favourite country is china.My favourite animal is a panda.My best freind is Molly could write about them. posted by Ryan Bell
  • Woah, that's the awesomest carrot ever! Nice skirt Mr. Carrot Guy, I'm watching out for that type of carrot in my local Sainsbury's. I'm going on a quest to find the awesome Carrot Guy with a skirt! Heheheheehe! (That's a joke by the way, I won't really search the whole world for a awesome carrot........ well maybe actually, CARROT YOU ROCK!
    Sorry that my comment is a bit random...
    From Sian xxxxxxx
    posted by Sian
  • cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool posted by marvin
  • To Jeremy
    I Saw streaker in the park yesterday hiding behind a tree. Whats your adress? Samy
    posted by Samy
  • classic! best carrot ever carrot of the year award posted by lewisewan
  • the carrots alive posted by Dean
  • hey there jeremy!
    thats the biggest joke ive ever heard!
    posted by Thomas rich
  • I've seen Dr. Bonkers! Halleuhah! posted by Harrison
  • i have the my brothers famoyus botton books
    posted by alisha
  • i have a good new book you could make and it is called
    MY MUMMY IS A MUMMY!!! please make it a real book i would realy want to buy one of those pleaseeeeeee....
    posted by mati
  • oh no call the police cause it might run away
    ps . hi my name is chloe and i really love your books please please will you go to waterstones for signing books if you do i will be so happy . reply please
    posted by chloe
  • i often go to Sainsbury's with my mum but ive never seen any cecily sprouts. posted by jasmine and issy
  • Cecily has been found.
    posted by Meredith
  • it was SO GOOD! could read it again an' again! posted by alma
  • nise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by alma
  • Wow! I have always wanted to have a carrot like that! posted by jedwardno2
  • The Nicholas family series are so funny that my parent's tell me to stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by Arsh
  • Wow posted by Jared
  • funnyyy! posted by Hiruni Fernando
  • I LOVE the carrot!! Nice Skirt! posted by Hiruni Fernando
  • Funny posted by Evie
  • Well i never thought we would meet it again though i do wonder how he got in a sainsburys bag and not ASDAS
    or tesco see you soon guys ........... :)
    posted by Evie
  • LOL :-p (what does :-p mean anyway
    posted by fatima
  • I never thought carrots could be cute! posted by sinead
  • kind of funny posted by casperguy
  • It looks kinda cute!😜 posted by Martha
  • wicked. The famous carrot has ... a skirt on. posted by Alana Jones
  • LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL! posted by Jack Lockwood

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