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Writing away from home...

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 07.11.16
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I'm working hard on a new story about Nicholas and Cheese and Tomato. It is called MY BROTHER'S FAMOUS BOTTOM MAKES A SPLASH. I am in Turkey and I can tell you it's a lot warmer here! Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk with two friends. The path went up into the hills, along the side of cliffs, (where we had to hold on to ropes because the path was steep and narrow), and down to a lovely little bay. As we headed back there was a magnificent sunset. You can see part of it in one of the photos I took. It's a very beautiful country and a fabulous place for a holiday. (Although I am WORKING! Really. Got to finish the book by next weekend.

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  • Wow, that sounds so cool! I have already read all the "My Brother's Famous Bottom" books, so I can't WAIT for this one! posted by Caitlin Bennie
  • Hello Caitlin, thanks for your message. So, you have read ALL the Bottom books - good for you! I hope you enjoyed them. Do you have a favourite Bottom? Best wishes, Jeremy. P.S. The new book will be out in June next year. posted by Jeremy
  • My favourite is "My Brother's Famous Bottom Goes Camping" P.S. I have never been to Turkey but I LOVE walks!! posted by Caitlin Bennie
  • Yes, that's a good one. A few years ago a fan actually sent me a real carrot in the post! It had grown two legs, just like the one in the story and this girl had put a skirt on it and a paper smiley face. So Cecily Sprout wasn't lost at all! I thought it was a really fun thing to do! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • REALLY?!?! posted by Caitlin Bennie
  • Absolutely really. I tried to put a photo in this blog but I can't. It was hysterical!

    posted by Jeremy
  • Oh my word! I can't BE-LIEVE that. No, I can't. Sorry people, I just can't. posted by Caitlin Bennie
  • Jeremy, by the way, I'm posting this on the 1 of December so 24 days 'til Christmas! Really excited because it is my first Christmas with my new cousin! #christmas posted by Caitlin Bennie
  • That is awesome posted by Ananya b
  • Thanks, Ananya. I am posting this on the 7 of December. #christmas. (this blog article seems like my own personal blog, sorry, Jeremy.) I know this is your website. :( posted by Caitlin Bennie
  • Jeremy, it has been a MONTH since you have posted this!!! hasn't time flown? posted by Caitlin Bennie
  • I think this book must involve swimming, and the ocean, and it could involve Dad turning into a fish! posted by chris
  • have you read the book yet??? {your last comment have me a hint} posted by Caitlin Bennie

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