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Blue Peter, Birmingham...

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 17.07.16
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I spent the day yesterday (June 16th, 2016) as an Awesome Author at the Blue Peter Awesome Author event in Birmingham's Centernary Square. I did a load of different things. I went on stage with the B.P. team and presented a silver badge award to Holly. I did a couple of camera interviews and a full stage event on my own with a crowd of children and parents and some book signing too. It was all so rushed there was hardly time for lunch. I also had to write my 'favourite word' into a big book. Well, my favourite word is 'chocolate'. Guess what? I left out the H and didn't have room for the E and I wrote COCOLAT! Am I an idiot? Yes I am! I had to stick the H above all the other letters and the E got stuck below. It all looked ridiculous but hey, doesn't that make it like the stories I write? I think so.  Anyhow, it was a great day of fun and lots of things to do. There were lots of other writers there too so I had a chat with Jacqueline Wilson and Philip Ardagh - both definitely awesome authors. Plus, I came away with a Blue Peter badge myself. Woo-hoo!


  • Hey Jeremy, I will be away in spain for a while. posted by chris
  • Hello Mr Strong,

    It's Kevin who you teached (entertained and inspired) at Amhurst. You'll be pleased to hear that I managed to escape education with my dreams in tact ... hurrah ... spent a few years traveling and skydiving and now live in Japan where I make Japanese folks giggle their way to learning English. Anyway, I thought I'd drop you a line and say thanks for reading us Smiths Tail back that day in Amhurst ... and thanks for being one of the grown ups who didn't scare me. Whenever I'm teaching here in Japan, I always think back to your lessons and remember how you made going to school alright.
    Cheers. Kevin

    posted by Kevin Richardson
  • Hey Jeremy, are you gonna do another My Brother's Famous Bottom Book yet? posted by chris
  • Hello Chris - Hope you've been having a good summer break? Funnily enough I am just about to start work on a new MBFB story. Ssssh. It's a secret. Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • I live in South Africa so please come to my country soon! (maybe after you write another MBFB story) Cocolat,(ha,ha!) Caitlin.
    P.S. Are you going to write another Batpants book? ( sorry to rush you, I really like the Batpants Books)
    posted by Caitlin Bennie
  • Are you gonna write another cartoon kid book? I really like them. Lola posted by Lola
  • Well done for getting a Blue Peter award! posted by Caitlin Bennie
  • Dear Mr Strong,

    I am so happy that you are going to make a new MBFB book! I enjoy reading them, and my little brother and sister are very like Tomato and Cheese. My whole family are like them, and thats why I have such an extraordinary name.
    PS. I have read ALL of your books. I especially like all of Streaker's adventures and Nicholas's daft family. My family are always moving cities, countries and continents!

    Your sincerely,
    Crinaminajaw ( I think my name's a mix of both my grans' - Crinam and Minjawaw )
    posted by Crinaminajaw

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