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A wonderful Ukrainian school...

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 14.03.17
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Some while back a young Ukrainian girl, Albina, (I think she's 13. Sorry if I've got this wrong Albina!) wrote to me because she was doing a project about my books for her class work. Some of you readers may know that several of my books are publlished in Ukraine and my wife and I were lucky enough to visit some libraries there in L'viv about three years ago. Well, I sent some information to Albina and she wrote back and then I wrote back and then she wrote back and on it went. I guess we became pen pals.

Recently she wrote to me saying that she had managed to get her whole class to do a project about my books and I am showing some photos below. You can see that they seem to be very interested in the fact that I used to put the jam in doughnuts! One girl even has a doughnut stitched onto her jumper. It looks like they had a good time with the project. Well done, Albina and class! Thank you for all your work. I hope you had a lot of fun too.

Here is Albina (with glasses on her head) and her friend Olga (with doughnut on her jumper).

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Albina and Olga reading to class from one of the stories.

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Some of the class at work.

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  • Hi Jeremy

    I love the pictures and we are learning about you at school
    posted by Cooper
  • Hello,Jeremy!I'm Liza,you can see me in the photo(in a green jumper).I like to play games in the Krazy Klub.It is very interesting and it helps me to improve my English!Thank you))) posted by Liza
  • hi Jeremy,
    my class are learning about you at the moment and we have just finished writing a story in your style. we also have a whole board about you. it has your pictures of your books on and we all had read one of your books for a treat. I read my brothers famous bottom gets pinched. i thought it was really entertaining and funny.
    posted by skylar
  • Hello Skylar - How lovely to hear from you and I am honoured and proud to learn about your class work. I'm happy that you enjoyed the story too. Your class seems to be a very busy place! Thank you for writing. Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy

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