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Meet the Cartoon Kid characters!

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Casper - IS Cartoon Kid! Brilliant at drawing and with his pet chameleon at his side, our knobbly-kneed hero fights the forces of evil, eg his big sister or the Vampire Twins.



Pete - Big Feet Pete is Casper’s best friend and lives next door. He’s full of crazy ideas and now he’s in love with Mia. Urrrgh! (That’s what Casper thinks!)


 Hartley Tartly-Green


Hartley Tartly-Green - Poor Hartley has always got his nose in the air and tries to show off. No wonder he’s called Snotbox! 




 The Vamipre Twins


The Vampire Twins - Watch out, it’s Gory and Tory and they’re looking for victims! They’ll probably tie you to the school’s climbing frame and snaffle your crisps.







 Masher McNee

Masher McNee - is built like a tyrannosaurus. He’s the school bully and leader of the Monster Mob. He and the gang are Casper and Pete’s arch enemies.



 Professor ButternutMr Butternut - Casper and Pete’s terrific teacher. He is full of surprises and most of all, he thinks all his class are - wham, bam, jelly and jam! - superheroes!


Mia -  She has masses of curls, which she DOES NOT LIKE! But she’s fantastic at football and when she becomes Curly-Wurly-Girly she’s even more amazing.





 Noella Niblet

Noella Niblet - is always moaning and complaining about something. That’s probably why Casper calls her The Incredible Sulk!