About Me


I often think that dreaming up stories is about the most fun you can have when you are on your own. It also turns you into a very powerful being. YOU are creating the storyline and inventing the characters. You can make them do ANYTHING you want! You can make ANYTHING happen! And when you have finished you have created something that never existed before – and that’s magic!

I hope that this section will help you with your story-writing – so get started!


1. Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to write. If you are working at a table or desk it helps if the space around you is clear of clutter.

2. Think about your story before you start writing it. If you feel you have a good idea for a story then sit and think about it. Who will be in your story? What is going to happen?

3. It’s a good idea to write down your most important thoughts so you don’t forget them.

4. Sort your story idea into sections, so that you know the order of events.

5. Read your story out loud to yourself. It’s a good way of checking that it all makes sense.

….and a half! GET RID OF ANY BORING BITS! Stories don’t get better the longer they are. Quite often, making a story shorter makes it work even better.

Why don’t you…

Why don’t you… make up a new kind of monster with its own language and strange way of moving?