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Jeremy in shedWHY DO I WRITE?

I have been writing stories for publication since 1978 and I think I have one of the best jobs in the whole world. I will tell you why.


WHY? (See, I said I would tell you.)


1. I spend half my life in a kind of daydream. In my daydreams I see lots of completely bonkers characters that make me laugh, and I hope they make you laugh too when I write about them.


2. My work takes me into lots of schools and book festivals where I get to meet the most wonderful fans – people like you and your friends. My fans often tell me very funny things about themselves and which stories they like best and so on. It’s such a big pleasure for me to meet you all.


3. I don’t just get to visit schools in  the UK. I travel all over the world, meeting children and teachers and parents everywhere. This means I get to see all sorts of wonderful places that I would probably never get to visit any other way.
There, that’s all for now, but don’t go away, because there is loads more for you to do on my website.

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