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Amazing London!

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 23.01.18
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My wife, Gillie, and I were in London this last weekend (Jan 20-21, 2018) and on the Saturday evening we went to Kings Cross area in the evening to see some of London Lumiere installations. It was crazy and wonderful! The were big crowds wandering around and it was very cold and wet but the different sites were so splendid. There was field of what looked like giant white lollipops on sticks but the lollipops kept changing colour as different coloured lights were beamed through them. We also saw coloured watering cans pouring water onto flower bed – all done with coloured lights.But the one I liked best was just above our heads – a floating blue mist that kept changing and dancing and moving. It was quite hypnotic. I am posting a pic I took with my phone below.


  • That looks so cool! The blue mist almost looks as if it's not real! FANTASTICAL posted by N
  • Hi Niamh - see my main comment back to you on the FAMOUS BOTTOM blog. The blue mist ISN'T real. It was made with dry ice (a kind of special misty effect you use in theatres and films and then blue laser lights were aimed through the mist, creating the blue-effect. posted by Jeremy
  • wow posted by I
  • That is so cool I love the colour blue it looks quite creepy. It is the coolest thing I have ever seen posted by I
  • That looks like such a nice place. posted by R
  • Yes, I've heard of dry ice, I ask my friends in London if they've seen it too! posted by N
  • Looks SO cool wish i could go. posted by E
  • Wow that looks amazing, I wish I could be there to see that. posted by W
  • I wonder, will you make another Dinosaur Pox or GIant Jim book? posted by C
  • Hello Chris, I have no plans to write more stories about Dinosaur Pox or Giant Jim but who knows? I'm never sure what I'm going to write next. I hope you enjoyed those two books. Keep reading! Best wishes, Jermy. posted by Jeremy
  • cool posted by C
  • Sooooooo cooooool 👌👀 posted by J
  • The how did you get published posted by S
  • I love your book killer tomato. My factors is the one about the flying cow! posted by L
  • Hi Lisa! I'm so pleased you are enjoying some of my stories. I hope they make you laugh - a lot! Keep reading! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • I think you were my teacher a Amherst PS in 1979? posted by S
  • That would be right. I left Amherst in 1981, went on to teach at 3 other schools and finally left teaching in 1991. What are you doing now, Simon?! Good to hear from you. Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy

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