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Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 13.09.13
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I am in the middle of a visit to the L’viv Book Forum (Festival) in Ukraine and I am having the most extraordinary, amazing and wonderful time. The people here are so warm and kind and the children are almost bouncing off the ceiling with excitement! I will post a lot more about this when I get back home, with pictures too. Here are two pictures I took yesterday while waiting for the audience to arrive at the library we were in. Thses children had read abut the time I worked in a bakery and we were wearing hats saying STRONG’S CAKES and they had baked some wonderful cakes. They were delicious! I’m in heaven!

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  • Charming people. One never associates blondes with the detritus of Russia. Independence makes for an added lightness. The trip sounds wonderful and must have been just reward for all the work undertaken. Hopefully you will be given a place to abide in, fully staffed while all the while the tales of and for the Ukraine unfold. Dxxxx posted by D

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