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Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 31.05.16
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Here is the latest book – THE HUNDRED MILE AN HOUR DOG – MASTER OF DISGUISE! It has just been released and I read some of it to the fantastic audience at the Hay Festival last Sunday (May 29th, 2016). Lots of laughs! I hope you all enjoy it.

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  • I've already read this book and it is AWESOME!!!!! It is really good when there is a big crash om the golf course. Also I liked to bit were Trevor and Tina were trying to attach hair extensions to Streaker. posted by T
  • THIS BOOK IS BRLLIANTLY EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!! posted by T
  • Streaker getting really annoying! posted by T
  • Omg! This book ? is AMAZING! ?!!! I've already read ? it three times ? and I absolutely LOVE ? ? it! I had to lend it to my mum ? and brother ? a few times ? as well!!!!! ???? posted by B
  • Nice I love all the books ?????????????????? posted by M
  • OMG.???Looks Great!!????????????????????????????????????? posted by M
  • I love all these books and I've read this one too posted by B
  • This book is exelent! posted by B
  • I want this NOW!!!!!!!!! :) This looks so exciting!!! :) posted by U
  • I love it- I have it signed to me!!!!!! What will Streaker get up to next? posted by M
  • I love the new hundred mile an hour dog master of disguise posted by I
  • I've just finished this book. I love Trevor and Streaker they are hilarious. posted by X
  • I got that book when I saw him in Jersey at St Martin's school posted by M
  • i loveed this book posted by S
  • really looking forward to reading this book. Read all of the other The-Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog books and really enjoyed them posted by D
  • I WILL buy it ------- posted by D
  • Streaker is 100% cool posted by D
  • I love this book's cover, but i haven't read it yet my library doesn't have it. posted by L
  • I LOVE THIS LOL posted by G
  • Can not wait to read the book posted by I
  • Omg!!!! I soooo want to read it!!!!! P.S in comments tell me if it is good!!!! ? posted by M
  • Hello Mia - Well I think it's good but then I wrote it so I would say that, wouldn't I? Anyhow, I had a lot of fun and laughs writing it. There are some crazy things that happen and I think it will make you laugh a lot too, but watch out for Charlie Smugg. He's up to no good! posted by Jeremy
  • I hope to read it soon!?? posted by M
  • Where is it at sale 'cause I need to read it,it sounds like the best book ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever written posted by A
  • Please also reply in a comment to me: Are you going to write another Batpants book? :), Caitlin. posted by C
  • OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by Y
  • ive red the book aoubout 10 times posted by Y
  • i like it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much posted by Y
  • Hello Caitlin, Thanks for your comments. I'm afraid my publisher has no more plans for another Batpants book. Sorry to disappoint you. However, I am thinking of starting a new series. What do you think it should be about? Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • Oh my gosh. I want this now!!!! ? posted by U
  • I love all Jeremy's books and I love this book too. posted by C
  • cool!! ek kan nie wag vir die boek te lees nie. Baie Dankie, Caitlin. (guess what langauge that is) Translation: cool!! I can't wait to read it. Thank You Very Much, Caitlin #the language is Afrikaans posted by C
  • This looks awesome and please can you give me a free copy posted by L
  • Hello Leo, Unfortunately I can't send out free copies of books. If I did that for everyone who asked I would end up with no money, no home and no food! Happy Christmas! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • Still haven't read but I think I will love it cause I love all Jeremey Strong's books!!!!!!! posted by M
  • A hundred-mile-an-hour dog! posted by L
  • Mater of disguise! posted by L
  • Can't wait to read this book it sounds like a Awesome book to read!!!! posted by A
  • I love those books. I must get this one. posted by D
  • its been my dream to write silly books! nothing will stop any of us from following our dream posted by P
  • Good luck with your dream, Pragna! Best wishes and happy new year, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • sounds awesome!!! posted by A
  • Sound krazy awesome posted by W
  • That look s really cool ?????????????????? posted by C
  • can't wait,can't wait,can't wait :):):):):) posted by A
  • I think your new series should be about a very cheeky and naughty boy called Fabrizio and the setting should take place in a school. His teacher could be named Mr. Tidilywinks a friend of of the baker that has a big harry bunny. So the baker visits the school to deliver the hamburger buns for the school lunch. Naughty Fabrizio steals the bunny from the delivery van, but the bunny escapes and terrorizes the school... posted by D
  • Cool! I want to read it posted by S
  • COOL! posted by S
  • brilliant posted by B
  • Hi Jeremy the book looks soo good I just finished two books of yours the First one is.... "LOST". And the other one is "Goes for gold" there both amazing books And I am REALLY looking foword to the new one Kind regards Leah posted by L

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