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ARMADILLO & HARE – arriving very soon!

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 12.10.18

Here is my latest book. It is called Armadillo and Hare: Small Tales from the Big Forest. I have enjoyed writing this book so much. It is rather different from my previous stories. These are entirely about a group of animals. Armadillo and Hare are the main characters and I love the way they are friends but they also quarrel and get fed up with each other. Armadillo is a bit grumpy, slow and forgetful, but has a heart of gold. Hare is energetic and elegant and plays a wonderful, magical tuba. Then there is acrobatic Wombat on her bicycle, Tortoise, Lobster, Giraffe, Jaguar and not forgetting Invisible Stick Insect. I do hope you will enjoy sharing company with them all! The wonderful illustrations are by the brilliant Rebecca Bagley. The new book is out on November 1st, in plenty of time for Christmas!