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Back from NEW YORK…

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 26.06.14
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We recently spent four days in New York and also spent some time upstate near at town called Rhinebeck, next to the Hudson River. While we were in NY we visited lots of art galleries and we saw some amazing sculptures. Take a look at the photos below. I have included a close up of each sculpture so you can see what it is made from. The first one is made up of MILLIONS of small squares of card, stuck together to build the huge cones that look like giant termite nests. The ‘fuzzy’ white balls are actually made from thousands and thousands and plastic rods. You can see them in the final picture.

When we went upstate we saw lots of animals and I have posted some pictures on the PHOTO GALLERY site. (Go back to the home page and you see PHOTO GALLERY on the top left side. Go to that and just scroll down until you get to them. There’s a lovely little chipmunk (there were dozens in the garden out there!), a deer, and a woodchuck.

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  • Hi Jeremy, looks great! Wanted to tell you me and my best friend anna love writing, we're gonna be joint writers when we grow up and have a disguise name and pretend we're one person! posted by N

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