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Dates for the 100 Mile an Hour Dog Tour…

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 03.05.17
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Here are the dates for this amazing tour by the renowned storyteller, John Kirk. Is it coming to a library near you? If so, don’t miss it!

15 July     10.00   Leytonstone Library

               1.00 pm   Lea Bridge Library

               3.00 pm  Keyton Library

22 July     11 am     Kirkby in Ashfield Library

               2.00 pm  Hucknall Library

24 July     10.00      Northampton Central Library

               12.30 pm Weston Favell Library

               2.30        Hunsbury Library

26 July     1.00        Paddington Library

               3.30        Church Street Library

28 July    10.30       Abington Library

              1.30         Earls Barton Library

              3.30         Irchester Library

31 July    10 & 12.30  Corby Library

              3.00         Rothwell Libary

1 August 10.30        Goodmayes Library

              1.00         Fulwell Cross Library

              3.00         South Woodford Library   

2 August 12.00       Ealing Road Library

              2.30         Wembley Library

3 August 10.30       Derby Central Library

              12.15       Blagreaves Library

              2.30         Sinfin Library

4 August 10.00       Towcester Library 

              2.15         Deanshanger Library

              3.00         Rothwell Library

7 August 10 and 12pm  Daventry Library

              3.00         Moulton Library

8 August 11.00       Stoke Newington Library

              2.00         Dalston Library

9 August 10.00       Poynton Library

              11.30      Wilmslow Library

              2.00        Middlewich Library

10 Aug    10.00      Crewe Library

               11.30      Alsager Library

               2.30        Macclesfield Library

11 Aug    10.00       Kettering Library

              12.30       Burton Latimer Library

               2.30        Finedon Library

14 Aug     10.00      Kingsthorpe Library

               12.30      Brixworth Library

               4.00        Far Cotton Library

15 Aug     10.15      Allestree library

               12.15      Spondon Library

               2.30        Springwood Library

17 Aug     10.00      Clifton Library

               2.00        Meadows Library

               5.00        Wollaton Library

18 Aug     10.00      Rushden Library

               12.30      Raunds Library

               2.30        Higham Ferrers Library

21 Aug     10.30      Wellingborough Library

               2.15        Irthlingborough Library

               4.00        Wollaston Library

22 Aug     10.00      Dales Library

               3.00        Sherwood library

25 Aug    11.30      Long Buckby Library

               2.00       Brackley Library

               4.00       Middleton Cheney Library

31 Aug                  Barking Library    

                            Robert Jeyes Library

                            Chadwell Heath Library

1 Sep       10.00     Desborough Library

               1.00       Oundle Library

               3.30       Thrapston Library

4 Sep       10.00     Hunsbury Library

               12.30     Duston Library

                3.00      St James Library

16 Sep     10.30     Euxton Library

               2.00       Chorley Library 



  • I would like to write an article about the Wilmslow Library visit - could you send me some details please and a picture of yourself - thanks, Ian Ross, Wilmslow Guardian - 01606 813630 posted by I
  • Hey Jeremy, you know Nicholas and his family in the My Brother's Famous Bottom series? Can you tell me what their family name is? posted by C
  • Hello Chris, Good question! I have never given Nicholas's family a surname. It never seemed necessary. Any interesting suggestions?! posted by Jeremy
  • Maybe... Jamesons? posted by C
  • No no! It needs to be more interesting than that - maybe something that has a flavour of what the family is like. For example - Muddlehead, Muddlebag, Brainpot and so on. Can you think of any? posted by Jeremy
  • I'm not sure of those names; they look more like insults to me. I think, maybe something nice and firm, but fair and sensible, to keep everyone happy. Howzabout this: The Dafmans. posted by C
  • Insults? Hmmm, I guess that depends on the person reading it. The names aren't meant as insults - more like descriptions. If you think about it there are plenty of real surnames that some people might think are insulting or rude. For example - Mr Shufflebottom, Mrs Fatt, Miss Nozie - I have actually seen these names and I met Mr Shufflebottom. Have you never called one of your friends an idiot or told them they were daft, silly, mad, crazy etc? You didn't use those words as insults. You were only describing them, like telling someone they're lovely or clever, or they look thin. Is it an insult to say someone is fat? After all, it doesn't seem to be an insult to say someone is thin! It's complicated, isn't it? Anyhow, I like Dafmans, but I think I would change it slightly to Daffman, or Daffyman. It sounds a little like 'daft' without it being daft, and I guess that's the trick - make it sound like crazy, mad, daft etc without actually using that spelling. Take a look at Roald Dahl's stories - THE TWITS - insult or fun title? Walliams' Mr Stink? posted by Jeremy
  • What about Nicholas Da Pimsy Porpinton? A weird surname, but they are not a normal family! posted by C
  • Hello Caitlin, Nice one - Da Pimsy Porpinton. I like the sound of that. Thanks for your other comments too. The lady's shoes you refer to are traditional, like the costume, though I'm not sure any traditional lady dancers would have carried a pistol tucked into her belt like this lady does! I thought she looked very striking and the dance they all did was great - it was like watching a pair of elegant courting birds (storks? herons?) surrounded by rather elderly and overfed ducks.(Giant ones, of course.) posted by Jeremy
  • Myabe... Anyway, Here's something involving a halloween book with Nicholas and his family: My Brother's Famous Bottom Meets a Monster! It's Halloween in Nicholas' neighbourhood, and everyone is preparing! But, With Granny and Lancelot doing the Halloween party refreshments, Dad pretending to be a monster, and the twins trying to make SCARY costumes of their own, this year's Halloween might not be so scary... posted by C
  • Hi, I just wanted to tel you I had an idea for a book for you. Wht about a crazy ballerina? Hope it helps. I want to be a writer when I grow up too. Bye!l posted by N
  • Hi! Wanted to say... Your website is great! posted by N

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