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dlr Mountains to Sea Book Festival

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 11.09.12
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I have just got back from a great book festival – the dlr Mountains to Sea Festival – which takes place just south of Dublin, Ireland. What a lovely time I had. There was a great audience and they took some photos while i was working and I have put two of them below. They were taken by Emily Greene for the dlr Mountains to Sea Festival. It was fantastic weather while I was there and as we were right down by the sea it was all rather splendid, with some big yachts coming into harbour under full sail – all rather romantic and stirring. I met some lovely people too, not just people from the festival but other writers and illustrators. Hope you like the photos.

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  • I hope you had a great time : ) posted by E
  • hi i was wondering are you going to get a new book out as i really want to read one and are you going to do a new cosmic pyjamas book i really want you to do one.have a good day. skye cousins by the way you are amazing. posted by S
  • Hi Skye, Thank you for your comment. I'm very pleased you like the Cosmic Pyjamas books. I would like to write a new one but don't have plans for one quite yet. There will be a new CARTOON KID book out early next year - and another was recently published. There will also be a new FAMOUS BOTTOM title out next year, so there are always new titles coming out. Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • hi sounds like you had a brill time ,I love christmas caos one hundred mile dog is my all time best book.i think you are a brill writer hope you make another book elizabeth:)!!! ( posted by E
  • I'm sat a mile down the round from Dun Laoghaire listening to my daughter upstairs laugh out loud as she speeds through yet another of your books. I'm very sorry to have missed the festival! Do come back for the Dalkey Book Festival next year... posted by D
  • hi at my skoole we have been reding all your books my favrot one is streker wonted posted by J
  • Hi Jeremy! I absolutely love your books! Why do you write really crazy books? Guess what I am reading now? The - Hundred - Mile - An - Hour Dog! posted by R
  • Having spent most of my life on the Ocean waves I can relate can so relate to your feelings towards a good sea festival.Found your blog after a friend gave my son. Streker Wonted. He seems to love. posted by L
  • It was indeed a great festival. Delighted your son loves The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog. There are at least five books in the series and another out next year, which I have just finished - so, no shortage of Christmas and birthday presents! (And you'll be helping pay my mortgage - thank you!) Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • Hi, so happy that you came to Ireland. I live in Cork. Will you write another Krazy Kow book? posted by D
  • Hi Dary, I had a great time thank you and I would love to go back there! I also went to a great festival at Listowel on the west coast - that was fun too. I did my session in the arena of a circus big top! Thank for writing in. Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • awsome!!!! will so see you posted by B

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