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Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 12.03.18
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I’m very happy to announce that MY BROTHER’S FAMOUS BOTTOM MAKES A SPLASH! has been short-listed for the 2018 Sheffield Children’s Book Award – my favourite one! It’s a long wait until the winners are announced but I can’t wait to meet the other nominees, along with my FAMOUS BOTTOM! 😂


  • cool im sure i`ll read that one! posted by R
  • Well I hope you enjoy it, Rachel, if you manage to get hold of a copy. It's a great book to read on holiday - and Easter is coming! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • The my brother's famous bottom series are my favourite Jeremy Strong books. posted by C
  • Cool news! Congratulations! It is great award. I hope children in Ukraine will read more and more books written by you, Mr Strong. We are learning, we are studying languages to read in original and understand people better. Thank you. With warmest wishes from Ukraine, Albina posted by A
  • Jeremy every night I read your books posted by U
  • Jeremy what's your raverite book? posted by U
  • Jeremy I am 7 and I wrote those comments posted by M
  • Hello Magnus, thanks for getting touch. I've got several favourites - The 100 MPH Dog, The Famous Bottom stories, Krazy Kow Saves The World, Beware Killer Tomatoes and Doctor Bonkers are all favourites. Also The Genius Aged eight and a quarter. I'm relly happy that you like some of my stories. Keep reading! Keep laughing! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • I am really happy about that Jeremy and i hope your book wins i really want to read it i have read my brothers famous bottom and i liked it and i hope my brothers famous bottom makes a splash is just as good posted by S
  • Thank you for your kind wishes, Safia. We shall have to wait until November to find out! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • Hi. Please come to our lady of mount Carmel primary school. We recently read you fantastic book named this is NOT a fairy tale and were really interested. The year 5s loved your amazing and inspiring books. Please come . From A student of our lady's posted by R
  • Hello Roxanne, Thank you for your kind message. I am always happy to visit schools but these requests have to be made by teachers. Your teacher would need to contact my agent - SPEAKING OF BOOKS. Their e-mail address is: Ellie Powling I am so pleased you enjoyed THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE. Good luck and best wishes! Jeremy Strong. posted by Jeremy
  • Your books are so funny that l laugh my head off posted by A
  • have you thought about your next Cartoon Kid Book? posted by C
  • Hello Chris, Thank you for asking about CARTOON KID. At the moment there are no plans for more stories about Cartoon KId - but who can tell what might happen in the future? (Apart from Dr Who - 😆ðŸĪŠ posted by Jeremy
  • I love all books of Jeremy Strong because it is funny and I read it all the time....XD posted by S

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