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Fantastic classroom doors!

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 16.05.12
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As you may know, I visit a lot of schools all over the world but most of them are in the UK. Quite often the school goes to a lot of trouble to do something special for the visit. The children dress up, and so do the the teachers sometimes. One school I went to recently had made a cake that looked like an open book and it had Cheese and Tomato sitting on top! Sometimes when I go into a school I discover that they have been doing amazing art work in preparation for my visit. Here are some pictures I took at Holbrook Primary School. All these photographs are of classroom doors. I wonder if you know which books and characters are shown below? I think they’re brilliant – but what do YOU think!

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  • I am currently writing a book for kids called The Silly Adventures of Twighead Larsen. posted by J
  • We do these thing for you because we really appreciate you Jeremy! posted by K
  • I'm also currently writing a Greek book, (though I might not make any other books) called Perilion and the 8 task of Athens! Check it out sometime! posted by K
  • good nice pictures how many books have you got for Holbrook primary school posted by A
  • Its all class i wish you could come to my school posted by L
  • Jeremy, Just wanted to say thank you for coming to Listowel today.You where lovely and my son Ben said it was the best day of his life hes 8.Thanks also for signing his book and letting take a picture with you. take care Mary posted by M
  • Everyone at that school must be a fan of your books! posted by A
  • what about woolton hill junior school posted by K
  • I would like to make something like that. Whoever did this it is good posted by R
  • sounds cool jeremy i wish i was there posted by F
  • They draw really well,it looks very pretty. posted by G
  • can you come to rivilen school next posted by H
  • Your books are amazing I'd love to get them all and would you come to Aston on Trent primary school please. posted by J
  • that is very good art work. posted by L
  • Cool posted by S
  • ahhhhhhh cool i wish i could do art work like that do you remember your visit to st stephens catholic primary school. posted by M
  • sorry one of them are from are school:) posted by K

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