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HA HA HA (and a naughty dog…)

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 17.12.15
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I went to London recently to meet the wonderful publishing team from Barrington Stoke who publish some of my favourite stories – MAD IRIS, LIVING WITH VAMPIRES, DON’T GO IN THE CELLAR to mention just a few. I was there to talk to the sales team. The latest stopry about Mad Iris (Mad Iris and the Bad School Report) has a character in it called Captain Kapow!!. That’s why we all wearing moustaches just like him in the photo below.

However, the lovely Jane Walker from Barrington Stoke had baked a special cake for everyone. You can see that in the photo below too. But, guess what? JANE’S DOG ATE IT! Look at the photo. I’ve put a photo of the criminal below too! So nobody got any cake after all and poor Jane had gone to all that trouble.It looked like a really tasty cake too. Chocolate! My favourite! No wonder her dog ate it. Lock your cake away next time, Jane! Or the dog! 


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Some of the Barrington Stoke team, with Mairi Kidd and myself at the end with our Captain Kapow 

Moustaches. But just look at the cake below! Isn’t it magnificent?!

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Now look what’s happened! Naughty dog! Naughty FAT dog!

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And here is the criminal…! Does she look guilty? NO SHE DOESN’T!

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  • The cake looks very yummy but sadly the dog ate it. posted by C
  • IT IS VERY FUNNY ???//?////??//////////////////////BfG posted by C
  • That was really funny! posted by L
  • I am really sorry that NAUGHTY NAUGHTY FAT FAT (and lots more naughtys and fats) dog ate that wonderful cake,(Well done, Jane) Jeremy. posted by C

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