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Here it is! Armadillo & Hare, Book 2!

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 17.01.20

Armadillo & Hare – Small Tales From The Big Forest was such a success that I was asked to write more stories about the two companions and their friends.

And here they are in a new book called ARMADILLO & HARE AND THE VERY NOISY BEAR, with fabulously wonderful illustrations by Rebecca Bagley.

Find out about the newcomer in the Big Forest, Bear (of the Polar variety) who tries to teach everyone how to swim. Discover just what scares Lobster (who says she’s not scared of anything). Who makes all the lights go out when Armadillo and Hare throw a party? How did Giraffe hurt his knee and how does Armadillo almost end up flying to the moon?

There’s only one way to find out! The new book publishes in hardback in early April, along with the paperback version of the first book of Armadillo & Hare stories. Enjoy!