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Holiday time!

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 27.09.15
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Here we are on holiday in Turkey. Well, I say ‘holiday’ but in fact I am working on a new book and also a short story, so there is a bit of work involved too. We are in a house halfway up a mountain. We have a distant view of the sea and it is all very beautiful here, with lots of mountains and trees and scrub and lots of animal life too. There a lots of birds – mostly swallows and beautiful irridescent bee-eaters, but also saw three eagles last week. We’ve had a wild tortoise in the garden and seen big turtles in the sea. Then, a few days ago a friend asked us if we could look after two kittens for a few weeks. They are the cutest things! You can see my wife Gillie with them. They are still very small and had been left abandoned by the roadside. We are looking after them until homes are found for them. We would take them in ourselves but we have to return to UK soon.

I have been working on two stories. I have the third and final book about ROMANS ON THE RAMPAGE to write and also a short story, which will be about – –  SSSSH! I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. Or maybe I don’t know what it’s about yet…

It’s been pretty hot but a few nights ago we had the most terrific and violent thunder storm I have never seen so much lightning. The sky was lit up continuously for a whole hour with sheet lighting which simply didn’t stop. The rain poured down, the wind tore through the trees and it looked as if the entire sky was having a major nervous breakdown! Freaky! (And rather exciting in a slightly scary way.)

I’m posting photos below of the kittens, to turtles and the tortoise.

Best wishes to all of you!

P.S. Sorry – Can’t upload the photos yet.




  • Aww! The kittens sound so sweet,and so does the tortoise. i cant wait for you to come to my school at the end of the month! posted by T
  • I is very funny amd cool. how did you make this book? posted by C

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