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Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 09.07.15
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The blog is back up and running at last! I am so sorry to all of you who tried to leave comments and were not able to. The comment section is now open again so please leave your comments as usual. Many thanks to my publisher, Puffin, for getting the problem sorted out.

Best wishes to all, Jeremy.


  • Hi Jeremy Please can you get in touch with me? Would love to see if you are available in October to come and visit a school in Woking Surrey? posted by F
  • Hello Fauzia, I hope you get this message. All my bookings for schools are done through SPEAKING OF BOOKS - 0208 858 6616 or e-mail: I'm afraid I can't take on any school visits until November 2015 but will be happy to visit your school at some time from then until May 2016. Than you for your enquiry. Best wishes, Jeremy Strong. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • Hi Jeremy, I used to be one of your pupils at Culverstone Green primary school..... you probably won't remember me as it was some time ago now (about 26 years ago ugh!). Anyway, I felt I must get in contact again as my 9 year old step- daughter will be moving into a class named after you in September! How amazing is that??!! You know you've made it when you have a class named after you :). She couldn't believe it when I told her that you used to be my head teacher!! (in fact I still thinks she has her doubts!!) I hope you are well and life is treating you kindly. Best wishes, Claire (was Van Staeyen) PS - your songs you taught us at school about true love aliens and junkernoo amuse my 18 month old boy for hours - he loves them too!! posted by C
  • Hello Jeremy, we love your Streaker books and we think that they should be made into a TV programme or a film. Our dog is called Poppy and she is basically Streakers twin, she's happy to be your actress. You would have to make up a new story for the film depending what she does on filming day because you never know what she is going to do. But she is very very fast. And very very funny. And she looks the same too. Just let us know if you need her! From Peter and Dan aged 7 and 6 years posted by P
  • Hello Peter and Dan, Thank you for your hilarious post. Great to know that there's another real Streaker out there! I shall let you know if I ever manage to strike a TV or film deal. In any case, I agree with you - Streaker would make a great TV series or even a film. There was a real Streaker many years ago, when I wrote the story. Her name was Molly and she belonged to a friend. Molly could zip round corners like Lewis Hamilton and overtake everything in sight! Unfortunately she didn't know her name or any commands either, so she just did dxactly what she wanted to do - and that was usually run away as fast as possible! Many thanks for writing. Best wishes to you and the family - enjoy the summer holidays! (If it stops raining!) Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • JEremy strong it is nice to talk to you.I love the sample copies of the fabulous bottom books and i wish they we'e free on the kindle. can you try and change the price to free.?he ignore' s just a typo. the one i would like to be free is my brothers famous bottom gets pinched book. thank you. posted by N
  • Hello Noah, THank you for your message. There's a bit of a problem with making the books free. You see, writing isn't just a hobby. It's a job. People have to have jobs so they can earn money to live on - so they can pay for their house and electricity and clothes and water and food and travel and so on. We all need jobs. I loove writing stories, but it is also my job. If my bhokms were frree I wouldn't have any money to live on and then I would die. (Sob sob sob!) So sadly I can't make my books free. Besides, it is not me who decides how much the books will be. The publishers decide that. Sorry I can't help but I hope you like reading the books. You can always get them from the library - and that's free! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • As a former pupil of Jeremy Strong, I have to say that Jeremy was an amazing teacher, no the most amazing teacher a child could ever wish for. I never had as much fun at school as I did when I was in Jeremy's class. We literally did laugh our socks off and the most amazing thing about it was, and this is brilliant, we were having so much fun that we didn't even realise that we were actually learning. Jeremy is a genius of creativity and dynamic learning and we all felt very fortunate to have been taught by him. posted by R
  • Hi Jeremy: I love redding your amazing book they are all so Funny. I was in stitches because I have never giggled in ages in my whole life. My favourite book what u have is all of them because they are so funny. I look up to u as my role model when I was a kid. posted by K
  • Hi Rob, Good to hear from you. My goodness - that's a lovely memory to have, but I'm sure there are some who might not be so fulsome with their remarks! Anyhow, I'm glad you have such good memories of your early school days. I hope you and your sister, brother, parents etcetera are all well. I have fond memories of the whole family from Eynsford days! Best wishes, jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • hi Jeremy, my name is Caoimhe our school is learning how to put a twist in our stories just like yours!Our school is called st marys mullymesker and we got to choose our own author and we got 24 people out of 24 people and thats not surprising because your the best author ever! many thanks for listening caoimhe posted by C
  • Hello Caoimhe, Lovely to hear from you and I hope you're having fun with your stories.Will you make them into books, with illustrations and everything? That would be great! I'm trying to write this with a very small kitten on my lap and he is trying to write it too so please forgive me if I get some spellings wrong! Best wishes to all. OOPS! Number two kitten has arrived! They are brother and sister and were found abandoned by the roadside. Got my hands full now! Bye! Jeremy. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • hi I loved your lightning Lucy book and I was wondering you would write like a personalised book about you and how you grew up to be an author, thanks for reading, BYE Caitlin Ward posted by C
  • Hello Caitlin, Sorry for the delay in writing back to you. I have no plans to write an autobiography. I don't think my life has been interesting enough. Most of the fun stuff has happened in my stories! However, you can read a bit about my life on this website - just go the home page and click on the ABOUT ME panel. But I can also add that I did spend a lot of my childhood just daydreaming. Then, at primary school in Y3/4 I met a great teacher and she encouraged my writing. By the time I left her class I was already thinking that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I love just making up daft stuff and getting the story to work. They take a lot of thinking and planning. They might look simple but there's a lot more to it than that! Thanks for writing - best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • I like my brothers famous bottom goes camping and I'm even going to try and make cecily sprout!?? posted by E

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