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I’m on holiday!

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 18.07.12
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Hooray – sunshine at last! So obviously I am not in the UK. Ineed not. I am taking a week long break in France, near the River Lot, staying at a lovely house that belongs to my sister and brother-in-law. They very kindly said we could come out and stay for a few days, so here we are, looking out at rolling green hills and trees and listening to the birds singing away. It’s very peaceful and beautiful. I’m starting to think about the next book, which is going to be a new story about Cheese’s Famous Bottom. I hope to start work on it properly by the time I get back to the UK, so I guess I had better go and lie out in the sun and pretend I’m thinking. Ha ha! I love writing stories!


  • nice, where abouts in France are you? posted by C
  • Hello Cordelia, I am staying in my sister's house, buried in deep countryside near Villeneuve / Fumel. This morning I saw a lizard run across the road outside. It was bright, bright green and about fifty centimetres long. Fabulous! Loads of butterflies here too. Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • Hope you will have a wonderful holiday! posted by W
  • why dont you like stereotype and why did you divorce with your wife posted by W
  • To Waz, that is a very personal question. I said we went our separate ways - in other words we both agreed that we would leave each other and therefore we both agreed to divorce. We remain friends. That is all you need to know. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • hi Jeremy . you said you where going to start a new book called:Cheese's Famous Bottom is the setting going to be in france .also when is it going to get published. posted by H
  • Hi Jeremy Hope you have a nice holiday! And I read The hundred mile an hour dog goes for gold! It was brillent! The best 1 yet! Regards Donal! posted by D
  • Hi Jeremy, I am a tutor. My student Nicholas Sandu is 9 years old and is in grade 3 at a school in Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA. The grade 3 class is reading your book entitled "The Pirate Bed". Nick's words were "This is such a wonderful book, it is amazing, I have enjoyed it sooooooo much!" We read the section at the back of the book where you mentioned that your teacher only told you once that your stories were good. Nicholas wanted me too tell you that all your stories are awesome. Nicholas has a little sister named Claudia, she is 8 years old she loved listening to her brother reading this stunning book. Thank you for sharing your stories with the world, there are a bunch of grade 3 pupils who are once again excited about reading. Nicholas asked if possible could you please send him a letter for the class to read. Thank you,and enjoy the rest of your holiday. Teacher June Kerwin Nicholas and Claudia Sandu Johannesburg South Africa posted by J
  • OMG so lucky i am not going on any holiday this year posted by D

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