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What Are Doughnut Points?

Doughnut points are highly-prized rewards for being as silly as you can possibly be! These are only available at Jeremy Strong’s Krazy Club for dedication to silliness. (Did you know that Jeremy used to work in a bakery, putting the jam into three thousand jam doughnuts every night?)

  • Every day that you log into the Krazy Klub, you get 10 doughnut points.
  • Every time you add a post to the message board, you get 15 doughnut points.
  • Every time you enter a competition, you get 15 doughnut points.
  • Every time you wear your clothes backwards, you won’t get any doughnut points, but it might get a few laughs from your friends!

What can you spend doughnut points on?

You can spend your doughnut points on all sorts of krazy stuff - Play games, get hot gossip, enter fabbity competitions, download wallpapers and screensavers, get sneaky peeks at books old and new... there are buckets of things to do. And new stuff is added to the Krazy Klub all the time too!