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Listowel Writers’ Week

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 03.06.12
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I have just back from a great book festival in southern Ireland – Listowel Writers’ Week. It was terrific fun. The whole town was buzzing and everyone was so friendly. I did a radio interview in a pub! Well, that was a first time for me! (I don’t mean first time in a pub, I mean first time for a radio interview in a pub – normally it all takes place in a sound proof booth.) The pub was packed with people. Many of them were locals but there were several other writers there and lots of musicians too. I felt highly honoured to be amongst them all. Every time the musicians took to performing everyone would start tapping their feet, clapping and whooping – it was great. I have to say it was pretty much the nicest and most interesting festival I have been to. My hotel was right out by the sea and I have posted two photos below to show you the view from my room when I got up in the morning and another that shows the evening sunset, when I was walking on the beach. It was all shades of grey and in the darkening light the sun was splitting the clouds and coming through in rays, making the waves dance with sparkles. Magic! Fabulous beach too, a good two miles long, if not longer. Can’t wait to go back there! Thank you, Listowel!

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  • well i've written my funny book for kids - i better send it out i guess! posted by J
  • I saw you in the big top. You were really good. My granddaughter, aged 5, came home to start writing her book straight away. She aspires to a shed/studio with a fridge full of chocolate. Looking forward to seeing you back in Listowel again soon! M.C. posted by M
  • Jeremy, you were a delight to have a our Writers' Week Festival, you had over 500 children roaring with laughter in the Big Top on Friday Morning all shouting for more! Thanks so much for making the trip to Writers' Week and we look forward to welcoming you again very soon! ML posted by M
  • Jeremy, Thank you for coming to Listowel my little boy has his photo of you with him framed and in his bedroom. posted by M
  • Many thanks to all from Listowel who have written in. It was great fun, wasn't it? I hope to see you all again! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • sounds alot of fun. wish i was there. posted by M
  • Hi Jeremy I was walking past the globe theatre last week with my 7 year old son Sam who is a big fan of yours. I thought I would take the opportunity to discuss Shakespeare with him. I asked him did he know the name of possibly the world's greatest writer? I think you may be able to guess the reply!! You have made a VERY big impression on him - thank you!! posted by M
  • Hello Margaret and other bloggers - thank you so much for your kind comments. Margaret, your son Sam is obviously highly discerning! More importantly, I'm sure that one day he will see some Shakespeare and he will have a 'Big Bang' moment and treasure The Bard for the rest of his life. We all have to start somewhere and I hope I have helped Sam at the beginning of his journey! Bset wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • Sorry, not about listowel but are you writing any new books? P.s please blog back. posted by M
  • wingy weather P.S write back!!! posted by K
  • hi my names Livvy I think those picture are so cool!! I love your books thereso awesome you've got so much imagination. send a message back soon BYE!! posted by L
  • jeremy i'm from cayley primary school the school you met today posted by N

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