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Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 13.02.18
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I am very pleased to announce that my most recent book – ARMADILLO AND HARE, SMALL TALES FROM THE BIG FOREST – will be published by David Fickling Books on September 6th, 2018. I loved writing these very new stories. They are a little different from my highly comical stories such as the FAMOUS BOTTOM series and the 100 MPH DOG stories. The new stories are quieter, warm, funny and thoughtful. The book has great illustrations by Rebecca Bagley. Armadillo and Hare are the main characters amongst a group of six or so animals that live around the edge of the forest. Armadillo never manages to do up his old cardigan properly, loves eating cheese sandwiches and also loves painting pictures of cheese sandwiches. Meanwhile Hare reads and reads and sometimes plays his rather magical tuba. Together they go to a birthday party for nobody, try to avoid Jaguar and her teeth, save the other animals from a flood, and have some interesting conversations on the way. I do hope readers will enjoy these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them – perhaps even more. Keep a look out for the new book – Sep 6th!

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