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More News from Turkey

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 04.11.12
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Here we are, still out in Turkey. We have just got back from travelling round for ten days. We went to an amazing area in central Turkey called Cappadocia. It is full of strange rock formations and there are houses built into some of the rock towers. We went up in hot air balloon, along with at least a hundred other balloons – just take a look at the picture below. It was fantasti-bubbly-crumbo! We also went to the ancient ruins at Ephesus, which was astonishing. We ended up ast Bodrum where we visited the castle and found this ancient headless statue, so I went and stood behind it and tried to look like a Roman emperor. What do you think? What a great holiday! 

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  • THAT WOULD BE FUN! posted by L
  • this picture is very calming and relaxing. posted by C
  • looks fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by K
  • You must have had lots of fun. I wonder how the head got missing. I wish I could go to Turkey. PS. Me and my friend did a book swap at school and I happened to get your book, MY MUM'S GOING TO EXPLODE - I have finished reading it and it's awesome. PPS. I love Streaker from the ONE-HUNDRED-MILE-AN-HOUR DOG books. posted by P
  • Hi Jeremy,hahaha funny picture. I think you do look like a roman emperor. posted by E
  • WOW! That must have been great fun! I've been Turkey before and I had loads of fun, just like you! posted by A
  • We read your "My Mom is Going To Explode!"in our english lessons .It's a great book! posted by Z
  • Your coming to my school on the 4th (tomorrow)!!!! I'm looking forwards to seeing you Jeremy Strong! posted by L
  • wish i was there posted by V
  • you look funny in the second time i hope you had a good time. posted by S
  • I love your books!:) posted by S
  • i would love to go to turkey hoped you hade a astonishing time i love your books especially we want to be on telly i love your works P.S your new years reviloucion should be to improve your handwriting . thankyou for reading posted by S
  • WOW! are you kidding me, or are those seriously all hot air balloons?!! Oh, and i love the trick you did with the sculpture. I wonder how the head got missing? posted by K
  • have you really been on holiday posted by L

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