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Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 29.06.10

WHAM-BAM JELLY AND JAM! Look at all these fantasti-bubbly crumbo books! Famous bottoms, magical cosmic pyjamas and killer tomatoes… where else could these ideas spring from but the playground that is the quirky imagination of Jeremy Strong?


  • Hi my name is aneesah and I have one of your books it is Called laugh your socks of with Jeremy strong THE HUNDRED -MILE AN -HOUR 🐶 DOG posted by U
  • woderful books you have i will read your books evrysigle day never stop reading your books lots of love from christana and annie ,adam,sasha,mohhamed, adam, adam lots of love from christiana and adam posted by S
  • I love all of your books they are all so funny but how do you make them all so fun posted by C