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My Brother’s Famous Bottom Makes A Splash in Turkey!

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 18.08.17
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Yesterday I did a signing at Indigo Restaurant right beside Kalkan’s lovely harbour and bay. The signing was to launch the latest FAMOUS BOTTOM title – MY BROTHER’S FAMOUS BOTTOM MAkES A SPLASH! A lot of people turned up for the signing, both British and Turkish. The story is set in Kalkan, a town I know well and have been visiting for many years. We are lucky enough to have a house near the town. In the photo you can see me with a young British fan, Darcy. It was lovely to meet you, Darcy! I hope you enjoy the book!

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  • I really enjoyed the book and started reading it the very next day. I enjoyed it when the twins tried to take there pets on holiday in their suitcase and when mum stood up to the Grubnose family. When Nicholas told the twins that people think all dogs are bad because of a certain experience I thought that was good because it teaches other children as they read too. I loved the fact that it was based in Kalkan. posted by Darcy
  • Lovely to hear from you Darcy and I'm glad you enjoyed the book. It's a good photo! Hope you enjoyed your holiday in Kalkan. posted by Jeremy
  • wow posted by Jack Lockwood
  • Your name popped up recently regarding writing & I wondered if that was the same Jeremy Strong I knew at primary school. My name then was Karen Teare, twin sister Janet. I used to sit two rows behind you in the last year; you shared a desk with an amazingly freckled Andrew Fortune! You often carried a battered violin case. We had a very authoritative teacher, Mrs Chappell, but in the first two junior school years we had a truly inspiring teacher, Miss Cox. Sorry if this is not the place for reminiscence but it's so nice to know you have been a successful, published writer for many years now! posted by Karen McMeeken
  • Dear Jeremy, Today I borrowed from our school library Tyrannosaurus Max. I enjoyed it a lot. However, want to bring to your attention that in the page 26 you wrote " Buster grinned at his wife " instead of "Binbag grinned at his wife Buster". Please have corrected. After reading your book I am also your fan. With regards, Aditya. posted by Aditya Abraham Thomas
  • Hi Jeremy, this may be a bit of a long shot but my step daughter absolutely loves all your work and blushes whenever your name is mentioned your like her hero, is there any chance of getting anything signed for her ? Thanks. Paul posted by Paul unsworth
  • i love your work and i want to see more. thanks Anna posted by Anna Milla Moss

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