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NEW PHOTO GALLERY – and The Inedible Cheese Sandwich!

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 17.03.14
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Please take a look at the photo gallery I am setting up. You can find it on the Home Page menu if you click on ABOUT ME. When that comes up there is a new menu and the last item says PHOTO GALLERY. Simple-pimple! You can find photos and images from some of the schools and festivals I have visited as well as some others.

The first photo was probably taken in 1969 and shows the band I was in at university – The Inedible Cheese Sandwich. Right at the back, and wearing a false beard is my old uni room-mate Arthur (cartoon and genius of the pithy poem). Below him are Chris (left), now a headteacher in West Sussex and Ian. The bottom row, from left to right, shows myself wearing a false beard and top hat, (don’t know where they came from!), Tony Mays (another old uni room mate who I recently met up with after forty years!) and Steve Beresford, genius of the piano, trumpet and dozens of toy instruments besides. He is the only one of us who became a professional musician. He’s a brilliant avant garde jazz pianist.

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  • hahaha hilarious posted by M
  • what a name what made you think of it posted by I
  • This is sooooooooooo funny posted by E
  • Did you write songs about sandwitches posted by E
  • Hello Ella Ha ha Very funny No we didn't write songs about sandwiches We played a kind of mix of rock and jazz but we weren't very good One of the band still plays jazz piano - he was very good but the rest of us weren't It's a good thing I could write stories instead Best wishes Jeremy posted by Jeremy
  • Hay Jeremy the pictures great and by the way who is the guy with the guitar who ever he is tell him his guitar is AWSOME And his beard looks funny Ha ha ha From Tom B posted by T
  • Hello Tom Thanks for your post The guy with the 'awesome' guitar and beard is myself It's a false beard of course I seem to recall that it was a bright orangey colour I did the decorations on the guitar myself with some special paints Ah those were the days Best wishes Jeremy posted by Jeremy
  • superb posted by C
  • very funny heh heh heh posted by C
  • Why are all your stories so crazy I love crazy things so I must like your books P S I do like your books posted by A
  • so funny posted by B
  • Soooooo funny posted by A
  • Hahaha posted by L
  • The picture was hilarious posted by L
  • Hahaha Sooooo funny posted by L
  • Hilarious posted by M
  • were you influenced by The Incredible String Band posted by C
  • Hi Cassiopeia That's a good question and half true The music we made wasn't influenced by the Incredibles but the Incredible String Band was one of my favourite groups from the late 1960's and I still have several of their recordings both as LP's and CD's I saw them play live three times in London and in York Their music was certainly very different from everyone else Best wishes Jeremy posted by Jeremy Strong
  • What made you think of that name It is a funny one posted by S
  • Very Funny posted by J
  • Ha Who thought of the name Whoever it was if you see them again can you say that I said it was VERY unique I used to be in band at school We called ourselves 'Band dun dun dun ' I played cello and I had a grade 2 exam and passed with a distinction I'm sure you were really good or at least good enough to be in a band posted by M
  • I want to learn how to play the piano or drums Maybe even guitar posted by M
  • I notice that the photo was taken in black and white Those were the days weren't they I am convinced on hearing my dad's old music stuff from when he was a child that the old days weren't so bad on music terms posted by S
  • I really think this photo is awesome University photos like that should be kept forever Also it's great comedy posted by S
  • wowey always wondering what they look like I think your a very good author Jeremy posted by A
  • To Jeremy please could you write to me on this website because you are my favourite author and I'd like to know when you started writing book's and when you joined this band posted by A
  • Hello Ali Thank you for writing in I began writing books in the 1970's and I got my first one published in 1978 The band - The Inedible Cheese Sandwich - was formed in 1969 when I was at university We split up in 1972 - so you can see it all happened a long time ago However I am still in touch with most of the band's main members Best wishes Jeremy posted by Jeremy Strong
  • thank you for writitngto me jeremy I enjoyed your mesage p s why was the band called The Incrediball Cheese Sandwich posted by A
  • which one is you posted by A
  • Hello Ali We called ourselves The Inedible Cheese Sandwich because we though it was a funny name and made us laugh I am in the front row wearing a hat a big false beard and holding a guitar I decorated myself Best wishes Jeremy posted by Jeremy Strong
  • ha realy you look hilarious posted by A
  • Wow I was wondering how many people there where before I read this I wonder how much food you had related to you posted by V
  • HaHaHa HaHaHa HaHaHa HaHaHa posted by M
  • You look so funny Do you still rock out with them now posted by J
  • Can you write another funny story because I just love your stories posted by R
  • Awesome posted by C
  • Yum posted by G
  • nice name posted by N
  • this looks good well I knew you worked in a band but I did not think it was like this posted by D
  • Cheese posted by E
  • They look crazy And a brilliant band posted by T
  • Why the Inedible Cheese Sandwich I don't no but I wish I had thought of that posted by T
  • Hey Jeremy I really love this picture - it's so funny What made you think of the name Did you ever do concerts - posted by U
  • posted by Jeremy
  • Hi Jeremy Strong did everyone in the late 60s dress like that with long hair and false beard My friend once formed a club and that was called porkpie after the snack she was eating at the time We had to change the name as people thought that it was an porkpie eating competition Hilarious posted by C
  • Hello Chloe Not everyone dressed like us which was probably a good thing and false beards were not at all common I love the name of the club I'd want to join a club called 'Porkpie' Fabulous Best wishes Jeremy posted by Jeremy
  • Hey JEREMY Why were you called THE INCREDIBLE CHEESE SANDWICH ANSWER Because you and the others smelt like cheese posted by T
  • Did you and the rest of THE INCREDIBLE CHEESE SANDWICH smell like cheese WRONG ANSWER No You smelt of noodles posted by T
  • Who's that weird guy eating Bubble Gum posted by T
  • I'd love to be able to join a band one day Luckily my friend would like to as well posted by A
  • HOLLA posted by D
  • Hey Jeremy when you were working at the Inedible sandwich did you eat sandwiches a lot posted by D
  • Hi Dylan Of course we didn't eat ANY sandwiches - because they were INEDIBLE Ha ha posted by Jeremy
  • Haha Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny posted by M
  • Jeremy can you also write to me What is your favouite word Mine is Cailey the name of my very best friend - see ya um oh as in a letter SINERCLY dunno how to spell that sorry CAITLIN BENNIE posted by C
  • P S is one of them a girl the one with the girly wig posted by C
  • What a funny picture posted by L
  • did youhave any witches in your group hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa get it sand-witch posted by D
  • crazy D posted by A
  • test test test posted by S

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