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Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 04.11.13
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Here we are in Turkey. As you can see from the photo below I am with a couple of Turkish fans – on the right is Adda and on the left is Mert (pronounced like Matt). Matt and Adda go to the same school but Adda is a year older than Mert. Mert is the son of friends of ours. I met up with them at a big bazaar that was being held to raise money for a local charity, KAPSA, who look after all the stray cats and dogs in Kalkan, which is where I am staying at the moment. (Back home soon. Boo hoo!) 

There were two or three second hand clothes stalls at the bazaar and I found the splendid hat you can see in the second picture. It’s my gangster hat and I think it’s rather splendid! The third picture shows the local Turkish school choir singing at the bazaar. They were great. It was a fun day – except that we bought about twenty raffle tickets and we didn’t win a single thing. Grrrr!

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  • We like your books and we like your hat. You are funny! posted by P
  • We LOVE your books and website we think they are amazing as Spenshly My brothers thamase bottom gets pinched that one is very funny whith tomato and chease. posted by H
  • We are wanting to wish you a very happy birthday today. Your books are amazing and very humerous. We have just read Viking at School. Please can you reply to us at our teacher's email address. Ben, Kai, Rebekka, Yousif, Lawen, Zannatul, Emanuel and Miss Bennett. posted by Y
  • We read your killer tomatoes book It was amazing we laughed our socks off! posted by J
  • Hi jereney strong you have made us laugh are sock off. posted by D
  • We love your books especially batpants get it bat pants you really laughed my socks off. posted by C
  • I really like you book beware killer tomatoes! We are reading it in class. you have made us laugh our socks off! posted by L
  • I really enjoy your books because they are very funny. Please keep writing to keep me and more fans happy. Never stop your fantastic work because you make me laugh my socks off! posted by R
  • My friend Taylor he went to turky and he said it was fun. From Shannon.p.s. your books are funny. posted by S
  • I went to turkey too and had a good time and I hope you did too! And I like your books and my favourite book is crazy doctor! posted by T
  • U r so epic along with your books... EPIC! posted by J
  • I love the book beware killer tomatoes we read it every day at school<3 I am going to start reading some more of your laugh your socks of books :-B posted by L
  • I like you books I really aprishated your rioting exspetioly the hundred mile an hour dog. posted by J
  • TWENTY!That`s a lot of raffle tickets!I hope you had a nice time at Turkey. posted by P
  • I hope it was nice at turkey the only countrys ive been is cyprus and Ibeza Damian Ive been to lot's of hot countries like Srilanka Australia Saudi Arabia my mum says we might go Turky if we save up poket money. Hassef posted by H
  • you are so funny I just cant believe it that you work in a bakery shop. posted by I
  • Hi Jeremy, You look very smart and a wonderful mixture with hats and sunglasses! I hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did! How does feel to be popular! Can you come to our school? I live in harrow! I always wonder how does it feel to be famous! When children bug you so far I am reading Christmas chaos for the hundred a mile and hour dog! It is so good so far as always! How is turkey! Is it great! I have written a story and I hope you can read it: Lost and Found! At school Samantha did not know what to write for her story! The title was Lost and Found! Her twin sister Jamantha was already scribbling down her story! Jamantha was a special girl; she had this special ring which could freeze time. Samantha used it to go to a party without being late! Jamantha got from a mysterious postman when she reached the other end of the rainbow. Jamantha saw her sad face so she gave her the ring! It was very itchy, so she pressed the button. Time stopped. It was very creepy the teacher just stared at her! She went to the library to check on books. Lost parents, lost toys, lost everything! Then she was really tired and went to walk into town. She went into a clothes shop and tried many things! Then she went saw an accident was about to happen. A paint box was about to drop onto a baby, and a man on a ladder was about to fall! So she went to the tool shop, borrowed a hanging wire. Then she took the paint brush down. Ad nothing falls when time stopped she could easily hang the rope! She tied it to a desk; everything seemed perfect but was it? So she wanted to try it but she could not find the watch! There was only one person moving: The mysterious postman! Samantha asked him what to do but he answered Sorry our responsibility is to fix the watch not look for it! Wait, I got solution, ask Jamantha! So Samantha speedily went to Jamantha. She was frozen as well! So she thought what will happen, her parents might get another child and her teacher will be arrested! Then she looked at her sister, and saw her work! With excitement, she read her story. It said: then I remembered to look where I went! So that was what Samantha done! She started in the library. No it was not there. Then the clothes shop, no! Then the tool shop, no, then the town, no! Then she remembered the pram, it was there lying on the babys tummy! She unstopped time! It worked! Samantha stopped it again and went to school! Now she had an idea for her story! It was such a relief to have the ring back! She unstopped time again and told her sister It is alright, I found it! She replied in puzzlement, Found what? The teacher told of Jamantha for talking! Samantha whispered Ill tell you later! At the end of school her teacher called Samantha! Samantha replied Yes miss! The teacher told her This story you wrote earlier about the ring, it is rather good. Actually the best one I read so far! Samantha replied Thanks miss! The teacher said Im glad you got back! Samantha was confused. The teacher answered Being trapped in time! Samantha finally understood Oh yes, that! with a false smile. The teacher asked You would not like to be stuck like that forever would you? Samantha replied No I wouldnt! The End Do you like it? Tell me any improvements! It is based on my favourite programme Bernard's watch! posted by J
  • It's me again! Have you been to Sri Lanka? how was it like? posted by J
  • Hello Janison, Thank you for your comments and story, which I liked. I don't know the tv programme BERNARD'S WATCH but I did like the story. I think you couild make a few improvements by writing more about the characters and how they felt. We don't know what they look like and you don't say much about what they feel either. Readers like to know these things - it helps them identify with the characters so that they (the reader) feel the hero's pain or sorrow or happiness too. Good luck with your writing! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy
  • Hi, I recently saw you at a primary school in Pershore. I really enjoyed listening to you. I thought you were really funny - in a good way! I had a question which I didn't get to ask you. How would feel if you were asked to be the next children's Laureate? Can't wait to hear from you. Will posted by W
  • Hello William, Thanks for the message. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit to Pershore. Of course, I would be very pleased and honoured to be Children's Laureate! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy

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