More Jeremy Strong resource sheets

Puffin Books have produced this pack to tie in with Jeremy’s laugh-out-loud funny CARTOON KID book, packed full of Jeremy’s trademark wacky humour and deep empathy for youngsters.

Funny books like Jeremy’s are about a lot more than just raising a chuckle. Humour can really switch children on to reading, and show them that it is an activity to be enjoyed. And with its everyday language, familiar scenarios and lively cartoon drawings, CARTOON KID is perfect for reluctant or hesitant readers in particular. Of course, children need to read long and challenging stories as well – but we think this book is ideal for igniting their passion for books as well as tickling their funny bones.

To help children respond to CARTOON KID and progress with their reading and creativity, we offer these nine great resource sheets – the first three for teachers and librarians to use, and six more that can be handed out to children. By selecting the relevant links (for teachers or for pupils) on the left hand side of this page you will find:

• A quick guide to Jeremy Strong, CARTOON KID and his other books

• Tips for making a class Fun Book and hosting a joke party

• Ideas for classroom discussions about CARTOON KID and its themes

• Help for children to write their own story and draw their own comic strip

• Details of Jeremy Strong’s Campaign for Fun – a great competition for schools (this competition is now closed but is still a fun classroom/whole school activity)

• Two fun quizzes and a special superhero file for children to complete

Feel free to photocopy these resources as many times as you like, and to invent your own activities around CARTOON KID.