A message from Jeremy Strong:

‘When I was teaching junior school children I was constantly looking for new material and ways in which children could learn that would make learning fun. It’s a fact that children learn more readily and faster when they are enjoying themselves, which is why I write funny stories. If I couldn’t find something readily available – and bear in mind that there was no access to the web in those days – I would make it myself. Of course, some ideas worked better than others and I realized that if several of us pooled our thoughts there was a greater chance of success.

Well, the Clever Clogs Department at Puffin have got together and produced this fantastic material that will certainly help your children learn and have terrific fun at the same time. They have based the work sheets and ideas on my two most popular series – The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog and My Brother’s Famous Bottom. The work covers a wide range of National Curriculum targets using material that is engaging, imaginative and so tasty it will slip down like a chocolate birthday cake. So save yourself a bucket-load of trouble, download the material and give yourself and your children a BIG treat!’

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