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Thank you, Edinburgh Festival…

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 14.08.12
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I have just got back from the Edinburgh Festival. I had a great time and I hope everyone who came to the show on Saturday had a good time. You were a FANTASTIC audience and it was good to see so many of you afterwards at the signing. What lovely people you are! I managed to get my photo taken by this gold post box. Sadly it wasn’t put there for me! I am NOT an Olympic hero! But Sir Chris Hoy is, and he comes from Edinburgh and the post box has been painted gold for him. He got gold medals for cycling. I just used to fall off mine. (I was only six at the time!)

Anyhow, thank you Edinburgh for letting me have such fun with you.


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  • hi i went to bolton and i saw a post box painted gold as well! :-D posted by K
  • Hello Keva, What a coincidence - I sent you your books today! I signed them this morning! Best wishes, Jeremy. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • You were in EDINBURGH!! Grr first time an author I like comes to Scotland to a festival I miss them! :( Typical me! Hahaha! :) <3 x posted by A
  • Hey jeremy, I love your books, I have just finished the book: beware of the killer tomatoes and thought it was really good, was just wondering what is your latest book? posted by R
  • Wow amazing you are so lucky to have a pictur of you next to a GOLDEN POST BOX posted by H
  • HI JEREMY, i am a big fan of yourz! I have all the books you have published! posted by J
  • Hi Jeremy, I also have a daft dog, only mine is called Dotty, (because she is, ha ha). I am eight and I love Streaker, Trevor & Tina, I'm a bit of a tomboy (or so my Dad says), posted by M
  • I was there too and I enjoyed it!! Luke posted by L
  • Hi Jeremy I can't believe that I'm talking to such a great author. I know That I'm with you or anything but even talking to you over the interenet is awesome. Anyway when are you making your next book. Sincerely, Elisha posted by E
  • Hi Jeremy It's Elisha again. I'm a 10 year old boy. Who wants to be a author Just like you. And guess what. You were the one Who inspired me. I absolutely love your books. I hope that I'll be able to get my books signed by you. The books I have are dinosaur pox and two hundred mile an hour books. P.S I'd love to meet you one day. Best wishes posted by E
  • Hi, Jeremy. I love the hundred mile an hour books and dinosaur pox. When are you gonna make a new book . Best Wishes, your fan Elisha posted by E
  • Hello Elisha, Thank you for all your lovely messages. I am always writing new books. At the moment I have almost finished writing a new story about My Brother's Famous bottom. It will be called MY BROTHER'S FAMOUS BOTTOM GETS CROWNED - and I hope to fnish it TODAY! Best wishes, and good luck with your writing. It's always good to hear from a fellow author. Jeremy Strong. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • Hi Jeremy I'm sure that in the future you'll be known as the Greatest author who ever lived Elisha posted by E
  • Hi Jeremy, what do you think to the plot of this story. Man shoots boys parents dead. But boy swears to get revenge. I think that it is a bit too much like batman. Best wishes A fellow author Elisha posted by E
  • Hello Elisha, It IS a bit like the Batman story, but that doesn't mean you have to write about Batman. You can make the story your own by writing about a different boy. Sounds good to me! Good luck - Jeremy. posted by Jeremy Strong
  • Hi Jeremy I 've got another idea about a book An Orphan escapes from an orphanage And police are every where trying to find they boy. They put a reward for 10,000 shillings if somebody brings the boy to the police.Meanwhile the boy finds a group of run away orphans and stays with them. But they betray him and turn him in for the reward. He goes to prison but digs out and finds a family to live with. posted by E
  • thanks for the letter jeremy it was good and the tip are very useful it is daisy marshall who sent you a letter . posted by D
  • Wow I wish I was there I hope you had fun! :) :) :):) posted by E
  • We love your books! Did anyone courage you to right books?... What was your childhood, like I want to know! posted by S
  • hello awome how was it/ did you enjoy it? posted by M
  • Cool Books posted by F
  • Hello Mr Strong! Have just posted an old school photo with you in it on Facebook. What a life time ago. Good to see things are going well. posted by H
  • I've been to see a gold postbox just like you. p.s. my class is making a film, we got some ideas from your book doctor bonkers posted by S
  • heyyyya jeremy!! My name is constance i usually call myself piggiewrinkles and i hope i am a mini you because i would love to be a writer one day like you and writing a book where a 11 yr old girl has a crazy father then he runs off then he wins the lottery and the 11 yr old and her mum track him down and hes not crazy anymore(set in 1825)im writing a lot more books aswell posted by P
  • Hi Jeremy I've read ur books in school I lv them there brill Lisa Marie posted by L

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