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There’s a baby in my house!

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 26.10.13
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Life is full of surprises and I have just had a very nice one. At the moment I am on holiday in Turkey with my wife, Gillie. However, two young friends of ours, Rob and Mariana, are living in our house in England while we are away and guess what? Mariana has just had a baby, while she was staying in our house! Fantasti-bubbly-crumbo!

There’s a picture below of Rob with the new little one. His name is Oscar and he is just a few days old. Many, many congratulations to Mariana and Rob. Rob looks very happy doesn’t he, as if he has done all the work, but it’s Mariana who needs congratulating most. She’s a star – Oscar is an even bigger star! Best wishes from us all to Mariana, Rob and little Oscar!

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  • Hope you are still loving Kalkan?? Tell Gillie we have booked our girls trip next May at the Caretta? Still v keen to talk to you about " Coco's adventures!" see you when you are back....don't rush, it's dark by 4.45 and cold!! posted by J
  • He so is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by J
  • I love babes they are so cute posted by S
  • dose he have a famous bottom ! posted by H
  • We are reading beware killer tomatoes book and you blow our socks off all the time . My favourite book is crazy doctor.I love your books never stop writing your alsom book's you are my author and I am your number 1 fan. posted by S
  • Love you're books but my best one is beware killer tomatoes very funny and silly can't wait to read another book of yours by myles redfern and renico bailey posted by M
  • Hi jermry strong I love your books never stop writing books you are amazing! posted by R
  • CUTE!!! posted by J
  • so cute i want a litte baby!!!! posted by K
  • say congratulations to their new baby from me posted by M
  • he is so cute!!!! tell them congratulations!!!!!!!! posted by T
  • he is so cute. posted by T
  • are he is so cute what is names posted by S
  • Hi Jeremy! We love your books and the baby is so cute! We are so excited about your new books. We can' t wait to read them! We are from Barnby Road Academy. posted by E
  • Hi I cant wait to reed your new new books I am so excited I wish I could read the right now plus I think that baby is so cute and for gOt to ask can you writ a Stone Age book but it don't matter if you can't see you soon Gerremy posted by T

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