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What I did on holiday….

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 13.10.12
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Well, I am writing this in Turkey. We are staying in a villa in Kalkan, which is a small town on the south west coast. The sun is shining, (twenty five degrees today and getting hotter), and we are spending most of the day by the pool. The last few days have been very busy, visiting all sorts of different places. One of the best visits was to an ancient temple at Letoon. The temple was built two thousand six hundred years ago, so it’s pretty old. Anyhow, it’s in ruins now and a lot of it has been flooded. There are lots of ponds and they bring wildlife. We saw two kingfishers whizzing about, and goats. There were lots of turtles too. Some were swimming about and others were sunbathing, like the bunch in the licture. They are sunning themselves on the remainds of an old temple pillar. I also found this ant which is wearing a very fine hat. Okay, maybe it isn’t a hat. It might be a piece of plant it is carrying back to the nest. But it looks like a hat. It IS a hat. I’m sure of it. What do you think?

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  • hi Jeremy. Woz ers your in Turkey hope you had good time. posted by F
  • hi Jeremy.Your holiday sounds awsome i hope you had a good time! i liked the picture of the turtles. they looked so cute. posted by S
  • Hi Jeremy, I think the ant IS wearing a hat. posted by E
  • Hi, Jeremy. I'm kinda nervous about saying this because I don't want to be embarrassed... But here it goes... Are you in Leeds right now because I saw someone that looks like you in a shop called Aldi. posted by E
  • Hey Jeremy I love the Indoor Pirates. I love the way the twins ALWAYS argue. Hahha! Your a COMEDY KING! Elisha posted by E
  • Ant with a hat? That is strange! P.S in yr 3 we posted letters to you. have YOU replied? please do. I was in class 3A. posted by J
  • The turtles look really funny on the rock in the water:] posted by F
  • Hi Jeremy, hope you had a good time in Turkey!Oh, and I think the ant really is wearing a hat! posted by A
  • Jeremy the turtles are so cute I hope you had a great time are they babies if they are they are so cute really cute plus your books are well comedy me and my granny read them posted by E
  • hoe old ar jou posted by R
  • Thanks for finally writing about >Jeremy Strong | What I did on holiday.... posted by I
  • You should participate in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I'll suggest this web site! posted by D
  • Hello, Jeremy. Teacher alert! My class are currently reading from a collection of your books and enjoying every one. Thanks for making reading fun for them! Keep writing! posted by N
  • hi Jeremy,i am a huge fan i love your books i have read almost all i have red my mums going to explode,my brothers famous bottom,hundred mile an hour dog etc. posted by S
  • all i can say is thank goodness the ant was not a jumping jack your books! posted by W
  • I love your books!!!!!! Hope you had a great time on your holiday! posted by C
  • definetley a fancy hat! posted by A
  • I hoped you enjoyed your time in turkey i went there once and LOVED it (a little) posted by L

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