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WIN your superhero featured in Cartoon Kid 5!



Wham-Bam-Jelly-And-Jam! Anyone can be a Superhero!

”You’ll never GUESS what Mr Butternut said at school today: ‘This is your first day with me and I can see that there is something amazing about you . . . all of you are hiding a BIG SECRET.’

And do you know what it is? We are all SUPERHEROES!

Then we had to choose our superhero names. I’m CASPER THE CARTOON KID, my best friend’s BIG FEET PETE and moaning Noella Niblet – she’s THE INCREDIBLE SULK!”


Now it’s time for you to choose YOUR Superhero name, costume and powers! Fill in this activity sheet for your chance to appear in Cartoon Kid book 5, PLUS get a full set of Jeremy Strong books for your school!

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Download the Cartoon Kid Competition entry form here!

Send it in by 12th March to: Cartoon Kid Competition, Puffin Books, 80 Strand, London, WC2R 0RL

Get inspiration from the Cartoon Kid characters here! and make sure you read the terms and conditions on the form before entering!


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