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Wonderful walk and a festival talk…

Jeremy posted by Jeremy
posted at 24.04.17
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I love being in Turkey. It’s a huge and very beautiful country. It’s people are kind, generous and warmly welcoming. The food is wonderful. I have been coming here for many years and constantly discover new things. Last Friday I went on The Nomad Walk. It was a special occasion and I was not alone. In fact I joined about 200 local villagers, around 30 foreigners like myself, a band of four musicians in traditional dress, ten male dancers and one female dancer also in traditional dress, four camels and a baby camel. a donkey, a pony with rider, plus an entire portable kitchen and cooks that provided a meal for EVERYONE at the end of the walk. It was utterly wonderful! Every so often everyone would stop, the band would strike up and the dancers would dance traditional Turkish folk dances. I was entranced, and so was Gillie, my wife.

Then, on Sunday, I took part in a special Children’s Festival in the little seaside town of Kalkan. I was honoured to be asked to speak and read from one of my books at the festival. Several of my books have been translated into Turkish, so I read from the english version and my charming assistant, Lucy (13) read from the the Turkish version and also translated in to Turkish when I was speaking in english. Clever girl! Her dad is Turkish and her mum is english and they live here permanently. Imagine that! Living in a land of sun and sea and beautiful countryside and warmth – not only from the sun but from the local people.

I have posted some pics below of the walk and the festival. Do take a look.

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Aaah – sweet!

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The Turkish men dancing, and below the lady joins in. Great costumes! Look at her shoes & socks…

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The camels lead the way on the Nomad Walk.

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Speaking at the festival. Lucy is on the right hand side. Do you see the lovely blue sea!

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Reading from “Pirate School: Just a bit of wind.”

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  • Wow. The lady's shoes and socks are quite peculiar. I wonder what it is like to ride a camel. posted by C

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